Website Content Optimisation Package

What is a Website Content Optimisation Package?

Relevant, clear and sales-focused content is the foundation for your website to reach and engage your audience.

That’s where our Website Content Optimisation Package comes in. It’s all about how the content of your website performs as your online sales force, how your website reads and works to attract and engage prospects.

This expert review is focused on how the content of your website performs to:

  1. Drive traffic to the site, and
  2. Drive sales or help you achieve other marketing goals. 

In essence, we look at how the content reads, how it guides people through the sales process, how clear it is, and how it drives action. 

In addition, we look at how the content is positioned to attract people in search engines, beating out your competition. 

Finally, it includes our professional recommendations for improving the elements of your website content that aren’t working as well as they could. 

What’s Included in the Package?

  1. Quick Questionnaire
  2. 30-Minute Fact-Finding Session
  3. Expert 32-Point Optimisation Review
  4. Competitor Comparison
  5. Full Implementation on Your Site
  6. Key Fixes & Quick Wins
  7. Content Promotion Opportunities
  8. 3x Monthly Performance Reporting and Follow-up

Quick Questionnaire

Before we start on a Review, we’ll send you a quick questionnaire by email. This tells us more about your business, what you want your website to achieve and your competitors. 

Many clients find this questionnaire valuable in itself as a way of clarifying their thoughts and looking at their website with fresh eyes.

30-Minute Fact-Finding Session

This person-to-person session by phone or video call is your chance to: 

  1. Fill in any details that weren’t clear to you in the questionnaire,
  2. Give us direct input about your business and what you want to achieve with your website,
  3. Ask any questions you may have.  

We can also do this by email correspondence, if you prefer. 

Expert 32-Point Optimisation Review

See full details in the next section: What does the 32-point checklist cover?

Competitor Comparison

Full Implementation on Your Site

Key Fixes & Quick Wins

Content Promotion Opportunities

3x Monthly Performance Reporting and Follow-up

What does the 32-point checklist cover?

Messaging & Written Content

Site identity: Logo and tagline
Homepage: Site headline
Company information: About page
Company information: Contact buttons and page
Company information: Footer
Content strategy: Clarity
Content strength: Customer focused
Content strength: Competitive
Content strength: Enough copy
Content strength: Easy to scan, absorb
Content strength: Inviting
Content strength: Current
Content strength: Smooth flow, no disruptions
Content strength: Consistency
Content strength: Links
Content optimisation: Navigation

User Experience & Design

General site look and visual appeal
Graphics best practices for readability
Video and audio best practices
Fonts (reader-friendly)
Mobile responsiveness

Conversion Optimisation

Overall conversion focus
Calls to action
Product / service access

SEO Keyword Optimisation

Overall keyword selection
Keyword use in content
Title tags optimisation
Meta descriptions optimisation
Alt tags optimisation

How is it presented?

Your Website Content Optimisation Review and its recommendations are presented in a clear, visual style that makes it easy to understand and implement, even for those with very little web experience.  

Is it the same as an SEO content audit?

No. A Conversion Craft Website Content Optimisation Package does include the content elements of an SEO content audit. Still, we don’t go into the highly technical aspects of SEO, which is very much a science in itself, and beyond the scope of our packages. 

That said, we do look at how certain technical SEO aspects, such as site speed, mobile responsiveness, title tags and meta descriptions affect the performance of your content, and we’ll improve these as part of the package. 

However, our packages are much broader than the typical SEO content audit.

SEO practitioners are typically analysts or technicians. While they might be very good at their specialisation, they lack the copywriting, design and conversion optimisation skills to take a holistic approach to website content and its performance. 

Driving traffic to a website via search engines is great, but it’s useless if the visitor fails to understand your offer and how to act on it.

How long does it take?

This depends on our current workload. We typically complete a project within one business week of order.

Contact us to find out when we can complete your project.

How much does it cost?

Your investment in a Website Content Optimisation Package is $750 (Australian dollars, including GST).

We require a 50% project deposit to get started. We’ll invoice you for the balance upon completion.

Please note, if you need to cancel or put the project on hold once we have begun work, a cancellation fee will be applied. This is equal to the deposit amount.

How do we get started?

To get started, provide your details via the online order form.

We’ll get back to you by email within 12 hours with a time frame for completing your project.

If you’re happy with this, use the payment details in the email to pay the 50% project deposit, and complete the Quick Questionnaire you’ll find attached.

Once we receive your deposit, we’ll email you to schedule a 30-Minute Fact-Finding Session.

We’ll prepare your review and supply it to you by email in PDF format. You’ll have the chance to ask any questions by email. 

Ready to get the ball rolling? Visit our online order form.

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